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Here’s the skinny: a few months passed since my sister and I spoke last. Although I decided some sibling-related breathing-room was needed, I really missed her. When I picked up the phone this afternoon and dialed her number I got uncharacteristically nervous – accelerated heartbeat, the works. Her enthusiastic hello was comforting and my apprehension melted away.

Groovy little sister being all enlightened and free-like.

S’up V?

She shared exciting stories of adventures past (Burning Man), present (nurturing a start-up) and future (India, Art Basel, more start-up nurturing), and was delightfully vulnerable about her hopes and fears. Her growth over the past year has been all encompassing, full of gusto and without compromise. For me, it has been challenging to play catch-up, but as the dust settles around her (as much as dust can on a speeding train) I find myself immensely proud of her wrecking-ball, risk-taking ways. She sounded tired, stressed, yet refreshingly alive. In turn, I do too.

It’s easy to fall into a fallacy and be all thinking that the world’s spinning around you and you’re hanging out, chillin’ in the middle. Truthfully I’ve felt that way over the last year, although in reality gradual tension has been pulling back a slingshot, waiting for the target to become clearer.

Getting out and about.

Because life is predictably unpredictable I’m sorry to say the target hasn’t become any clearer, but (!) the tension is palpable and my drive to jump into this wild orbit is screaming loud! To be clear, that’s not to say I’ve been eating pretzels watching Fresh Prince re-runs around the clock, but there’s this mounting feeling of unrest and desire for some happiness-focused decision making in my life. It’s empowering knowing that I have complete control of how I engage with the world and how I leverage my decisions to maximize happiness! Huzzah!

The Grand Plan(ish)

So let’s do that happiness leveragy thing, shall we?

Step 1: Transition from one professional chapter to another. Leave something behind so you can start something new.

Step 2: Move to a killer new city with infectious energy and reputation for weirdness: Austin, Texas!

Step 3: Take time between Steps 1 and 2 to

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