So Long Summer Summit

The months-long run of endless sunny Vancouver days was bound to come to an end, and so it did. Here I sit, bundled in warm blankets, listening to the rain fall outside. Pitter patter.

It’s hard to believe that it’s October once again! This year, more than any other before, I’ve been left wondering where the time escaped to? Between the move, getting slowly settled in Vancouver, travel, and working with new clients, it’s blowing my mind that it’s fall once again.

In celebration of the changing seasons, I took one last summer hike up Mt. Harvey (the only Harvey, it seems, that remains a beacon of beauty and light these days, unlike deathly hurricanes or Hollywood pervs)!

The North Shore Mountains are spectacular, and provide an unparalleled panoramic view — although you certainly work for it! Climbing nearly 5,000 vertical feet at 7 a.m. is better than any espresso for waking you the balls up!

The Howe Sound Trail is definitely on the list for next year. This little taste of the Britannia Range was yowza!

In the interim, I’m trying to focus on opportunities that the changing seasons present. Alpine mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and taking lessons to pivot from a mediocre snowboarder to a passable skier are all on the agenda. I’m also continuing to legitimize my wine habit by working towards an intermediate certificate in vino! Writing these goals down helps me to follow-through. Hold me to it!

Summertime in Vancouver was spectacular, and I’m excited to discover what the fall has to offer!

BRB just doing stuff for a bit k?

x V


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  1. Hey Verity, another great post. I was proud to see you waving that Canadian flag. Sounds like you have some great goals on your list which means more great stories from my favorite writer. I say it again – you are a badass! Thanks for sharing.

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