Introducing: The V’Bomb (aka our adventure newsletter!)

Welcome to the first ever Verity’s V’Bomb!

WTF is that, exactly? I feel uncomfortable.

I’ve pulled together a shortlist of the cool things I’ve found or explored lately to share with you! Don’t worry, nothing that will get you arrested I think

Going forward, I’ll hand-pick the best in relevant adventure news, outdoor articles and awesome products to compile in the V’Bomb. 

The first V’Bomb (I love saying that) is available on our blog, however future updates will only be available by subscribing to our mailing listDon’t worry, we think spamming is super lame too. We’ll only send you exclusive content once every two weeks.

Now let’s get started! Enjoy!

What I’m reading & watching

Reading: Why do I travel? Why does anyone of us travel? Bill Bryson poses these questions in his introduction to The Best American Travel Writing 2016, and though he admits, “I wasn’t at all sure I knew the answer,” they are questions worthy of examination.

Watching: Season one of Netflix’s Travel by Light follows renowned wildlife, adventure and cultural photographers as they explore remote locations capturing extraordinary photos that present the world in a new light.

Links I love

Nine awesome stories from around the web.


  1. Inspiring TED talk that showcases intimate photos of the ocean that are changing the world.
  1. How to give the gift of travel (even to homebodies!)
  1. Learn how to tie the four most common knots.
  1. Scoop up a gorgeous National Parks centennial poster.
  1. A feel-good video about blind climbers changing the perception of what’s possible.
  1. My friend Chris’ Hotel Prius blog about living in a car for a year.
  1. Five awesome breweries inspired by climbing.
  1. Travel Addict’s creative gift guide for travelers.
  1. REI’s #OptOutside campaign for Black Friday.

Must read articles

Stop what you’re doing and read the New Yorker’s profile of Yvon Chouinard, my oldest celebrity crush, and founder of Patagonia.

Chouinard on business: “The capitalist ideal is you grow a company and focus on making it as profitable as possible. Then, when you cash out, you become a philanthropist,” Chouinard said. “We believe a company has a responsibility to do that all along—for the sake of the employees, for the sake of the planet.”

Chouinard on love: “We were hanging out in Camp Four one day when a car full of tough girls drove up and the driver threw out a beer can,” he recalled in his book. “Malinda ran over and told them to pick it up. They gave her the finger, so with her bare hands Malinda ripped off their license plate and turned them in to the rangers. I was smitten.

And then read about the brain of the world’s greatest solo climber Alex Honnold, my youngest celebrity crush. Ever wondered if the only man in the world who has ever free solo climbed the Yosemite triple crown experiences fear like the rest of us? Science answers that question.

Destination I’m missing today

Tibetan Plateau.

Next adventure

I’m feeling a lot of rock climbing love lately but need to strengthen my traditional climbing skills before leading my own routes! I’ve been supplementing my gym routine with bouldering and have a climbing lesson scheduled for Enchanted Rock soon. Looking to hit up some National Parks later in December!

Was that good for you?

So, the new V’Bomb — love, hate? Have something awesome to showcase in our next V’Bomb? I’m always looking for feedback and ideas, so drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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Thanks as always for your support! Happy adventuring!

BRB just doing stuff for a bit k?

x V

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