Expert (back)Packing by a Rookie

I’ve learned that it’s tricky packing for a trip when you don’t know how long you’re going for and where you’re actually going. One of my goals during my upcoming sojourn is to become more comfortable with ambiguity, although it’s not easy when you’re undeniably Type A and love structure and organization more than Sex and the City re-runs (ok, it’s close).


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Welcome to my Blog!

Here’s the skinny: a few months passed since my sister and I spoke last. Although I decided some sibling-related breathing-room was needed, I really missed her. When I picked up the phone this afternoon and dialed her number I got uncharacteristically nervous – accelerated heartbeat, the works. Her enthusiastic hello was comforting and my apprehension melted away.

Groovy little sister being all enlightened and free-like.

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