Bushwhacking Through Bale

The local bus dropped us off at the side of the dusty road in a small village called Dinsho, 400km southeast of Addis. The quiet mountain town, sitting at an impressive 3,500m above sea level, differed little from its neighboring communities with its lack of urban planning and newly established, highly unreliable, power supply.

IMG_2554 (1)
House along the main road in Dinsho.

Dad and I threw our packs on and headed east toward the Bale National Park headquarters, two kilometres beyond Dinsho. The roads were lined with ramshackle mud huts, curious children and lush imposing trees still basking in moisture from the rainy season. The sound of birds was carried with the windy gusts of mountain air coming from behind us.

“You! You! Picture!”

Now, although I’d love to romanticize every aspect of our time in the park, it wasn’t without its own adventures. It is Africa, after all. We passed the headquarters and walked up to a quiet old building nestled in a patchwork of brush meadows and juniper forests. Dad thought it looked majestic, but I thought dilapidated and spooky was more appropriate. Regardless, we arrived at the Dinsho Lodge!

Dinsho Lodge
Dinsho Lodge.

What it lacked in the Four Seasons category (running water and power are overrated anyhow) it made up for in context. Holy shiz, Bale was overflowing with animal and endemic bird life! My writing can’t do the vibrancy of the park justice, so here is a sampling of my new fur and feathered friends. Enjoy!

Olive Mountain Thrush says ‘Welcome’!
Curious extra-furry warthogs (zomg).
Black and White Colobus Monkey
Black and White Colobus Monkey.
Ms. Mountain Nyala.
The one and only Papa!
Another gorgeous Colobus.
Another gorgeous Colobus.
Mountain Nyala and Bushbuck at dusk.
Lady Nayla in the rain, peeking out to see what’s up.
More warthogs... because, warthogs!
More warthogs… because, warthogs!

We stayed in Dinsho for three days and decided to move on as I was freezing my tits off. No wonder the warthogs looked extra furry – it was cold! Next stop? The Great Rift Valley lakes!

BRB just doing stuff k?

x V

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