Feel the SisterBurn!

I’ll be honest for a moment here — I put burners (folks who go to Burning Man) in the same bucket as fundamentalist preachy-types. There’s a certain enlightened holier-than-thou righteousness that comes with these self-reliant desert humans that I don’t quite understand and certainly can’t relate to. Man, was I in for a big awakening when I drove through the Burning Man gates.

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The Rock? Yes b’y!

What better way to mark my first Canadian Thanksgiving back on home soil, than to hang with family on ‘the Rock’ b’y? Yes, a visit to Newfoundland was long overdue and I was looking forward to rekindling my relationship with the east coast.

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Baker: Breakfast of Champions

When you get into alpine climbing no one tells you that summit day starts well before the sun rises. Every minute saved by rolling out of camp early could mean the difference between summiting and disappointment.

Alas, I found myself in that familiar place again, groggily emerging from my sleeping bag and questioning my own sanity.

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